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ConedTec offers quality training options that can help you add more functional users to your staff, or enhance the skill-sets and problem-solving abilities of your website management team. Our world-class training programs can help you to deliver on the promise of allowing the entire school to develop and publish to your website in order to increase interactivity, energize learning and foster teacher-parent-student interaction.

New Training Facilities

ConedTec has a new state-of-the-art, training facility at it's Corporate Headquarters Visakhapatnam & Technology Center in Hyderabad.

Overview of Training Selections

High-value programs delivered through our online, on-site, in-house, video conference-based training or through our intensive EduAcademy will help you to create a more effective ConedTec-powered website for your school. Teachers will be trained in using Classroom Technology like creating and maintain a teachers page, posting grades online, posting attendance online, posting and receiving homeworks online; students class assessment & presentation, Creating & posting exams online.

Teachers will be trained in using basic IT products like office software - Microsoft Word / Excel & Powerpoint.

Teachers will be trained in the Pedagogy of the 21st century. Tools to teach students how to learn. To understand learning in more important than teaching to use multimedia tools to teach. At the end of the workshop teachers will receive a ConedTec Teachnology Training Certificate. There are 3 certified training programs:

  1. Classroom Technologies
  2. Basic IT Training
  3. 21st Century Pedagogy

School Administrators

  • Will be trained in how to create edit & update school website.
  • To understand different modules in terms of scope, functionality & potential & more

Initial Online Training

Ensure the success of the team who will be building the school and school websites. ConedTec trainers work with attendees on the elements that make a website an effective communication tool. From site navigation to back-end architecture, your team will learn how to implement the power of the core Academic Portal solution.

On-Site Training

Schools that are making a serious commitment to improving their websites, getting teachers online, implementing online communication tools, building an intranet and more, choose this intensive training program. ConedTec has trainer(s) on-site for one- to two-days working hand-in-hand with trainees. The curriculum is custom created with deliverables fully outlined. Open dialogue sessions are concluded with fully supervised, hands-on work sessions.

Feature-based Online Training

To get an in-depth, working knowledge of individual modules or key ConedTec Academic Portal features, the training team has developed a series of two-hour, hands-on sessions. As trainees drill deeper into each module or feature, they gain an appreciation for the time- and money-saving benefits that each will deliver for the school.

EduAcademy 2008

Top experts from within and outside of ConedTec offer industry-leading insights; best practices in technology and communications; Hands-on work sessions; and networking opportunities during ConedTec EduAcademy. Attendees leave with the techniques, skills and knowledge to help deliver on their website's promise of communication and education.

Video Conference Training

A preference for clients who want a more personal training experience than online, but needs less training time than an on-site, fully customized training. This convenient option allows one trainer to deliver a half-day session with structured deliverables.

Power Workshops

A mini-version of our consistently sold-out EduAcademy. Attendees will gain insightful knowledge and practical applications that help your school use ConedTec products with maximum efficiency and benefit.

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Visakhapatnam, April 09, 2013

First Annual Day Celebrations of POWER KIDS at Lawson’s Bay on 9th April, 2013.


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