ASAP (Academic Skills Assessment Program)

Assessments are usually meant to serve THREE main purposes:

  1. To enable students to determine their level of mastery in the concepts to achieve more.
  2. To provide educators with a feedback on the effectiveness of their teaching.
  3. To provide intelligent data to school management for effective decision making

ASAP a benefit for your school

  • ASAP is scientifically designed diagnostic testing engine to evaluate student Learning Skills & Styles.
  • Reports are comprehensive and easy to understand by students, parents, teachers and school management alike.
  • Schools find ASAP as an effective tool to increase student achievement and improving their enrollment and retention.

We Assess

Learning Skills (Maths & Science)

  • Fundamental Concept Skills
  • Application of Concept Skills
  • Manipulation of concept skills
  • Logical, Analytical & Reasoning Skills
  • Problem solving and Quantitative skills
  • Critical Thinking-Investigative & Exploratory Skills
  • Understanding or Comprehension Skill
  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Communication, Collaboration and Presentation Skills

Learning Styles:

  • V – Visual
  • A – Aural
  • R – Read/Write
  • K - Kinesthetic

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Visakhapatnam, April 09, 2013

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